Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Volunteering Day 2

I realize there is not going to be something interesting everyday to write about and I will try making this post short and sweet. I went to rocky shore again today and contemplated some more. School started at the same time but we reached  a little earlier, so Jenny decided to show me the state run orphanage that is right across from the school where a lot of other volunteers work. Watching around 30 toddlers being taken care of by very willing and dedicated volunteers was very heartening. We reached the school and taught the students more about interviewing in English. Today they invited me to play cricket with them. My enthusiasm for cricket is well known so I jumped at the chance to bowl for a little while.
Time for lunch at Mr. Ferreira's house!!
We returned back to the house a little early since we were absolutely famished. Gobbling down some rice and dal with spicy salad was quite fulfilling. I tried getting a nap in the afternoon but was unsuccessful and ended up playing cellphone games. Jenny and I were required to meet the principal of the school in the evening as he wanted to improve his English by explaining and discussing Sinhalese stories with us in English. The stories were quite entertaining and we got to learn a lot from the old man.
Galle Fort in the backdrop of the Galle International Stadium
While coming back I decided to get off at the Galle International Cricket Stadium. Quite open and with a terrific view of the Galle fort, the stadium is quite beautiful and pleasing to the eye. I watched on as some youngsters were practicing in the nets when one of the coaches asked me to join. Wearing only rubber chappals I bowled an over to a batsman. Quite happy to learn that I was from India, some of the kids went on to discuss the Indian Premier League with me.
I walked back from the stadium to Mahmodara(where Mr. Ferreira's house is located), finally catching an expansive view of the horizon at twilight.

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