Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ceylonian Cuisine!!

Triangular Delicacy: Eluwalu Roti
So I've been thinking about posting a little about the gastronomical wonders of Sri Lanka. I've been here close to three weeks now and have tried all kinds of food( provided they are vegetarian of course). Honestly there is very little difference between Sri Lankan and Indian food. But stuff here is just that much more spicier than back home. One of the best fast foods I have tried over the years has to be Eluwalu Roti. This triangular piece of stuffed bread is sold in every corner shop in Sri Lanka. Providing almost instant energy they are quite the treat when one is craving for some home food.
The other Sri Lankan food that is quite popular and available almost everywhere is hoppers. They come in two varieties. One is the normal hoppers and most Indians would immediately recognize it as the Kerala dish Aappam. The second variety is String hoppers which are very similar to Kerala speciality idiyappams. Hoppers is generally served with hot curry or Lunu miris( mix of red onions and spices).

For lunch and dinner, Mrs Kumari would often make coconut or mango sambol( a curry made with ground coconut/mango and red chillies) and serve it with rice.
I am not a tea drinker generally, but unable to refuse the requests of the host family I have quite readily had a lot of delicious Sri Lankan tea.
Quite often the host family in Kegalle has made these dishes mentioned above and its been an absolute delight to try the different varieties of food in Sri Lanka.
Tonight I am taking the night train to Trincomalee to go and visit some of the temples there. More when I come back on Sunday!

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